Alexandria [ /ˌæləgˈzændriə/ ] was a pre-Babylon version of the Radix network and appended the Olympia release with a Scrypto developer environment for testing applications on a local network simulator.

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Launch Date
State Model
Shard Groups
Sybil Protection
Consensus Protocol
Execution Environment v2
Validator Node Cap 100


Alexandria brought the release of an early form of Scrypto and associated tools on the Scrypto Github repo, all of which are open source. Scrypto is a set of libraries and extensions to the popular Rust programming language that provides the asset-oriented features that define the Scrypto experience of writing smart contracts. To test Scrypto blueprints and components meaningfully, the developer needs some way of deploying that code and interacting with it. Alexandria provides a simulator of such an environment that developers can use to quickly build, test, and iterate Scrypto code, all on their local computer.

Scrypto Development

To help developers get started with Scrypto, Radix has launched a new Radix Developers Site, which provides links to installation instructions, documentation, examples, and more. Radix has also published a series of blog articles describing the need for Scrypto and how it is different from today's smart contract paradigm, as well as a new DeFi White Paper that collects much of the same information in one place.