Xi’an [ /ʃi’æn/ ] will be the next major release of the Radix network. Xi’an will allow an unlimited number of shard groups, enabling Radix’s sharded state model to be fully utilized.

Radix Global Hackathon

Radix Global Hackathon: 20-21 April, London + Online

Radix Technical AMA #1

Radix Technical AMA #1

Launch Date 2024 (Estimated)
Antecedent https://radixdlt.notion.site/2cdc168d56e04787a9f412c23560c4b0
License http://radixfoundation.org/licenses/license-v1
State Model https://radixdlt.notion.site/Sharding-6b6dc10c1f83403d8dfb0559dc925eb9
Shard Groups https://radixdlt.notion.site/Shard-Groups-dc8ac2388c0441a19940bccbac137645
Sybil Protection https://radixdlt.notion.site/fc3306406d144989a939225006134cd9
Consensus Protocol https://radixdlt.notion.site/d5755bce114d42e781128ee6a5603dcd
Execution Environment https://radixdlt.notion.site/1cd101cd52264df9806d63da555d5828 v2
Validator Node Cap Unlimited

State Model


Validator Nodes in Xi'an

Xi'an Proof of Concept