Tempo [ /ˈtɛmˌpoʊ/ ]**** is a consensus protocol developed as the fifth iteration of Radix. First proposed in 2017, Tempo pioneered innovations such as ledger pre-sharding to allow for the grouping of related transactions, and ‘lazy’ consensus. The ideas contained in the Tempo whitepaper served as a foundation for Radix's subsequent Cerberus protocol.

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The IOTA Killer? Radix DLT—Tempo vs Tangle

The IOTA Killer? Radix DLT—Tempo vs Tangle

Whitepaper https://assets.super.so/2a0d12a5-9454-4417-b17e-d51617137fb6/files/e4f934ff-25c3-4ffe-a6dd-2bbb82714e64.pdf
Sybil Protection Mass
State Model https://radixdlt.notion.site/Sharding-6b6dc10c1f83403d8dfb0559dc925eb9 (18.4 * 10^18 shards)
Consensus Mechanism https://hackernoon.com/hotstuff-the-consensus-protocol-behind-safestake-and-facebooks-librabft
Fault Tolerance Byzantine Fault Deterministic
Execution Environment https://radixdlt.notion.site/1cd101cd52264df9806d63da555d5828 v1




Problems and Transition to Cerberus

Further Reading